Guidance For Technology Companies

Guidance For Technology Companies

My name is Jonathan Wold. I’ve been working full-time in the WordPress ecosystem for over 13 years and I believe deeply in the importance and power of WordPress.

It’s my personal mission to help technology companies figure out how to grow in WordPress.

I’ve taken on that mission for two key reasons:

  1. As a co-founder of a SaaS and advisor to technology companies, I’ve seen first-hand the value and potential for growth in WordPress. I want that potential to be available to all technology companies.
  2. Technology companies bring the value of their companies and the happy customers they’re serving to the WordPress ecosystem, which makes WordPress all the more valuable. I believe that the more technology companies succeed in the WordPress ecosystem the better it is for the Open Web.

My focus is to get my insights, ideas, and recommendations into writing and available for anyone to make use of.

Guides and reports I’ve written so far include:

Upcoming topics I have in mind include:

  • Creating The Plugin Backlog – A guide to developing the backlog for your first WordPress plugin, including choosing your “MVP”, user experience considerations, and general development best practices.
  • Introduction to the WordPress Ecosystem – A high-level, lay-of-the-land overview, written especially for those newer to WordPress in mind. I’ll explain what WordPress is, who โ€œownsโ€ it, how itโ€™s built, etc.
  • The Future of WordPress – My personal insights and perspective on where WordPress is going and where opportunities exist for technology companies.
  • Growing Through Partnerships – A high-level guide to developing strategic partnerships in the WordPress ecosystem combined with practical recommendations on where to start.
  • Marketing In The WordPress Ecosystem – An overview of current state (e.g. events, publications, influencers, etc) combined with guidance on strategy and measuring ROI.
  • Why (And How) You Should Contribute To WordPress – A case for the value (and importance) of technology companies contributing to WordPress along with practical guidance on how to get started.

What should I write next?

What topics are you most interested in? Send me an email or a message on Twitter with your suggestions!